Revital Anti-Aging Crème


  • Efficiently boosts the production of collagen in skin, strengthens the collagen mesh structure and stimulates the natural proliferation of the supporting cells in the hypodermic layer under the collagen layer, thereby increasing elasticity of the skin, improving blood flow and oxygenation in all skin layers.
  • Perfectly suitable for loss of tone, elasticity and youthfulness of skin, for aging skin, avoidance of wrinkles and signs of aging.
  • Protects the skin from the effects of the environment, softens, moisturises, and effectively decreases wrinkles.
  • Strong antioxidant, healing wounds and scars effectively.
  • Has the ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating the regeneration and self-recovery mechanism of the skin, therefore the skin becomes beautifully radiant and soft.
  • Use as a preventive measure to stop/slow down skin aging.
  • Because of its calming and anti-inflammatory qualities, it also decreases the risk of skin cancer.
  • Has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal qualities.
  • Regulates the production of melatonin in the skin, therefore face skin pigmentation and colour become even and smooth.
  • Can help against rashes, related to hormonal fluctuations.
  • Protects the skin from the effects of the environment, softens and moisturises.
  • Safely use the cream when exposed to the sun, because it naturally protects the skin from harmful UV rays.
  • On an aroma therapeutic level, it nicely soothes the nervous system, opens up and calms the heart.

How to use:

Apply on clean and slightly moist skin, 1-2 times per day or as required, softly massaging with fingertips.

Ideally, spray some hydrolate on the skin before applying the cream.

Apply it not only on the face, but also on the neck, décolleté and hands.


  1. Before applying the CRÈME on a freshly washed face it is recommended (optional) to spray some HYDROSOL to aid absorption of the cream as well as refresh / tone up the facial skin.
  2. In order to achieve a long lasting and faster result, it is recommended to apply a small amount of LIFT & RENEW SÉRUM (one press of dropper) on skin, softly dabbing it on.  Perfectly suitable for skin around the eyes.
  3. After applying the CRÈME wait a few minutes before applying LIFT & RENEW SÉRUM on face and décolleté areas.