Our sacred botanical essences contain a message for your soul.

Introducing our new range of luxury perfumes created using the ancient art of perfume-making.

Restore your life with our completely plant-based ingredients.

These are no ordinary perfumes

…but actually, a blend of botanical essences of plants regarded as sacred in various parts of the world, due to their healing potential, hence the brand name SacréSSence.  No synthetic fixatives or synthetic products of any kind are used, so they are safe to spray on the body and would theoretically be safe for internal use, as even the alcohol, which is made from the same grains as used in making vodka is drinkable, although the perfumes are not intended for internal use.

How they were born

During his consultations with patients and trainings sessions with therapists, Dr. Petruskevicus always very strongly advises against using products containing synthetic perfumes, often also labelled as “fragrances,” because they lower the frequency of the body’s cells and cause them to become even more ‘unhappy’.  The response from all was that they needed a safe alternative, however, no such perfumes were available on the market, and certainly not in such high quality.

The Message

Our pure plant-based ingredients send an individual message to your soul, containing elements of the powerful healing properties of those plants.  Unlike synthetic fragrances, which distort the transmission of messages inside our bodies, the purity of our products allows its healing messages to be received loud and clear. 

How they work

The perfume ingredients penetrate into the body fluids and from there, the whole body structure, including individual cells thereby acting on a cellular level to change the frequency of the cells.  All our perfumes, in particular, Illumessence, have an enlightening effect:  they raise the frequency of the body’s cells to a particularly high level.  The essences act directly on the hypothalamus and in particular the pineal gland causing cells to become very active and balanced. In this way the system which controls the body through level or frequency of thought production is stimulated to act on a high level.  When cells vibrate at a high frequency, they become very efficient.  For those who have low frequency cells in their body, ie ‘unhappy’ or even ‘angry’ cells, ie: pre‐cancerous cells or cancerous cells, using the perfumes can help to raise the frequency of those cells to at least a neutral level, if not to a high level, making them ‘happy’.  In so doing, these essences can be described as having a protective/preventative effect.

Balancing & Harmonising

The first historical reports of perfume-making date back to the 2nd millennium BC in Mesopotamia, of a female chemist, at a time when perfumes were used as medicines.  We bring back to life this ancient art of perfume-making with our new SACRÉSSENCE range.  Like the rest of our SACRÉSSENCE range, the perfumes are based on the highest quality sacred Frankincense from Oman, which has been highly regarded for centuries by several different traditional medicine practices from various continents of the world for its wide-ranging health properties.  It is said to have been one of the precious gifts, alongside Gold & Myrrh, presented by the three kings/wise men to baby Jesus as a symbol of deity and is also widely appreciated for its balancing and harmonising qualities.

With inspiration from such ancient recipes we have created completely plant-based botanical essences using hand selected, wild plants, painstakingly sourced from all around the world, some of them very remote locations.  These are then mixed with pure alcohol distilled from plants and left to age.

The world’s first identifiable chemist and perfume-maker, a woman named Tapputi Belatekallim was an overseer of a royal palace in Mesopotamia, who distilled the essences of flowers and other aromatic materials, filtered them, added water and returned them to the still several times until she achieved the desired effect.  This tablet describes some of Tapputi’s methods for extracting scent from plant material, including solvent extraction, distillation, and filtration.

“A day without fragrance is a lost day” – ancient Egyptian saying.


Frankincense is used by many cultures and groups, no matter their religion or philosophy, who seek to achieve a higher spiritual state or enlightenment.  The burning of Frankincense in churches has for centuries been employed as a means to assist in prayer.  Meditators believe it aids in achieving a deeper state of meditation.  In our quantum age, many scientists have shown that raising the body’s frequencies to a higher level helps to accentuate the repair and healing processes.


Our perfumes differ greatly in many ways from the synthetic fragrances of today that are called ‘perfumes’.  The natural ingredients in our botanical essences penetrate the skin and react with our hormones, creating an individual scent which varies from person to person.  This quality makes most of them, except perhaps the sweetest scents appealing to any sex.

Long-lasting pleasure

The strong fixative qualities of Frankincense, Myrrh and other natural ingredients, cause the scent to be much longer lasting than synthetic perfumes, giving the wearer pleasure for the whole day long and longer, even after washing.  If happiness be the purpose of life, the way to enlightenment or the route to health and wellbeing, then let our perfumes take you there.

Our perfumes can help pave the way for transformation

In order to produce big changes in health or body structure, big changes are required, but for some people who have not yet reached the stage where they are ready for such big changes, or they still have some fears/negative thoughts holding them back, making such changes is unacceptable to them.  Our perfumes can help them to arrive at a position from which they are able to accept such changes.  Regular use of such perfumes help effect a change in the kinds of foods and drinks a person craves – those things which are unhealthy are no longer desired, because the perfumes help the user to become more in tune with what their body really needs for its health and wellbeing, guided by a sense of smell that is no longer disrupted by synthetic fragrances.

How to apply

Spray on the wrist, wait a few seconds then rub with the other wrist, or spray on body, eg neck, even applying a little behind the ears.  The initial scent that one perceives is only a small part of the spectrum which unfolds like a symphony as the essences continue to react with your body’s chemistry or your body’s frequency and smells, or pheromones. Therefore on each individual, the perfume smells completely different.

Initial reaction

We tested these formulas on our patients / people in our communities, asking them to tell us how they made them feel, without informing them in advance of how the perfumes were supposed to make them feel and the result was exactly what we were aiming for, with each of the perfumes delivering the exact message intended by its recipe.  The production process is longer than for normal synthetic perfumes, because the blends require time to age before bottling, but we have already developed 11 other recipes for future launches.  Our initial launch focuses on just 3 essences, which have those attributes that we perceive to be most in demand at the current moment:

Alluressence – Attraction

Illumessence – Enlightenment

Fruits du Paradis – Happiness

It is time to choose your perfume…

The perfume you are most attracted to is likely the one

which most closely expresses your deepest internal desire.

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Our Message to You

We very much hope you too will benefit from the uplifting, balancing, harmonising and restorative qualities of our perfumes.  Tell us about your experience:

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