Help protect yourself from the effects of stress on your body.

BOSSATIVA is a line of phytotherapy and aromatherapy products, consisting of:

 BoSSativa Drops (Nutritional Supplement)

BoSSativa Drops


These drops are a blend of plant extracts, plant oils and oil extracts as well as Boswellia Sacra, used as a nutritional supplement for assisting in releasing and preventing stress, anxiety and phobias, thereby helping to avoid diseases triggered by them.  


  • Recuperation:  Supportive for recuperation from such illnesses.
  • Mood:  Helpful in dealing with sadness and depressed feelings.
  • Digestion:  Helps avoiddigestive problems triggered by stress.
  • Immunity:  Helps avoid disharmony of immune system caused by stress.  
  • Prevention:  Helps avoid the development of “angry cells”.
  • Children:Helps to reduce hyperactivity and lack of concentration of children, suitable for children over 5.


Recommendations for Use:  Up to 20 drops 2 times per day (as required).  Keep in mouth for 20 seconds before swallowing.