FEMMBALANCE is an aromatherapy product line, created to maintain and harmonise a woman’s health and emotional well-being, to arouse femininity, stimulate the unique feminine system and maintain a woman’s youth and harmony from adolescence.

The divine floral and fresh fruity aroma of these oils is a perfect aphrodisiac and always reminds a woman to love herself.  It envelops her with a sense being cared for during the most important events she experiences in her life.  It is suitable when planning a baby, helping to bring it into this world and after childbirth as well as supporting during menstruation, and reducing common symptoms of menopause.



  • Creates clarity of mind and boosts a woman’s confidence in her strength.
  • Improves memory, helps to concentrate attention, sharpensperception, and reduces the feeling of fatigue and drowsiness arising from lack of sleep.
  • Helps to cope with big mood swings, tension, tearfulness and depression by harmonising emotions and gently lifting one’s mood.
  • Eases problems caused by hormonal swings and balances hormonal activity during menopause.
  • Rejuvenates the whole endocrine system, normalises the work of pituitary gland.
  • FEMMBALANCE is a source of phytoestrogens it tones up glands, is especially helpful in oestrogen and progesterone deficiency, can help those who are unable to conceive children or are in menopause (FEMMBALANCE+ is particularly designed for the latter).
  • Alleviates the pain of giving birth, helps recovery from childbirth and pregnancy.
  • A great tonic for the womb, nervous system and heart.
  • Balances a woman’s energy when she has heart problems or sexual fatigue, acting as an aphrodisiac.
  • Affects the energetic pool in the throat and speech centre of the brain and is therefore recommended for women who find it difficult to express their thoughts / find the right words.
  • It also helps to express and reveal artistic talents; disperse fears and generate more courage.
  • Strengthens the nourishing, supportive and rejuvenating yinenergy in the body.
  • Recommended for appetite disorders (overeating as well as loss of appetite), liver, and especially pancreas deficiency and for anaemia.
  • Stimulates blood flow, positively affects arterial, venous and lymphatic circulation, decreases blood stagnation, vein inflammation, swelling, varicose veins and improves the liver and adrenal functioning.
  • Helps to avoid viral infections.  Has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, relieves headaches and migraines which are connected to hormonal balance disorders.
  • Harmonises and balances the woman’s whole body.

How to use:

FEMMBALANCE (10 ml) Blend of Essential Oils for Women

This is a pure aromatherapy essential oil blend, which is used by pouring a few drops into an ultrasound diffuser used to spreads the aroma throughout the living area.  This is one of the most effective ways to achieve fast results.

It can also be used by applying a few drops into the palm of the hand, briefly rubbing the palms together and then applying to the wrists, neck and behind the ears, followed by intensely inhaling from the hands a few times.

Convenient to use whilst on the go (at work or whilst travelling) to achieve quick results.

FEMMBALANCE (50 ml) Oil & Essential Oil Blend for Women

After shower, whilst skin is slightly moist, apply a small amount on sensory areas and on lymphatic zones: soles of feet, lower part of spine, solar plexus and lower stomach, armpits, around the breasts and sides of the neck.


It is recommended to use the FEMMBALANCE product line in conjunction with: