Help protect yourself from the effects of stress on your body.

BOSSATIVA is a line of phytotherapy and aromatherapy products, consisting of:

 BoSSativa Drops (Nutritional Supplement)

 BoSSativa Face & Body Crème

BoSSativa Drops


These drops are a blend of plant extracts, plant oils and oil extracts as well as Boswellia Sacra, used as a nutritional supplement for assisting in releasing and preventing stress, anxiety and phobias, thereby helping to avoid diseases triggered by them.  


  • Recuperation:  Supportive for recuperation from such illnesses.
  • Mood:  Helpful in dealing with sadness and depressed feelings.
  • Digestion:  Helps avoiddigestive problems triggered by stress.
  • Immunity:  Helps avoid disharmony of immune system caused by stress.  
  • Prevention:  Helps avoid the development of “angry cells”.
  • Children:Helps to reduce hyperactivity and lack of concentration of children, suitable for children over 5.


Recommendations for Use:  Up to 20 drops 2 times per day (as required).  Keep in mouth for 20 seconds before swallowing.  


BoSSativa Face & Body Crème

Help protect your skin from weather, germs, irritants, age spots and more…


This cream is a blend of plant oils, extracts, essential oils and hydrolates as well as Boswellia Sacra, designed for problematic skin.  It is used to protect and recover from severe weather conditions.


  • Sun:  Improves and revitalises skin cells.  Assistsin protecting from high intensity sun exposure by supporting an even skin cell pigmentation.
  • Skin pigmentation:  Helps avoid development of irregularities in skin pigmentation eg, age spots.
  • Weather:  Helps to protect against wind and temperature combinations and extreme temperatures.  It supports the superficial layer of the skin by leaving a protective layer of natural plant oils, which improves cell oxygenation and microcirculation.
  • Irritants:  Helps deal with reactions caused by contact with chemical irritants eg,laundry detergents/conditioners, soaps/gels, household cleaning products, deodorising sprays and synthetic perfumes.
  • After-shave:  Has calming effect when used after shaving.
  • Bacteria and fungus:  Creates an environment in which bacteria and funguses cannot easily spread, whilst supporting the immunity of the skin.  
  • Auto-immune processes:  Helps avoid auto-immune processes eg, psoriasis of the skin.  
  • Prevention:  Helps avoid the development of “angry cells” of the skin.


Recommendations for use:

Apply to clean moist skin (eg after washing with our Frankincense soap and applying our Harmony or Revive Hydrosol).  Can support skin’s natural ability to protect itself against the sun’s harmful rays.  Therefore if also using our Revital Anti-Aging Crème, it is recommended to use BoSSativa Face & Body Crème in the mornings and Revital Anti-Aging Crème at night.